Space Ghost at San Diego Comic-Con, 2001

Friday night this guy in a great Space Ghost costume wandered into the restaurant where I was eating. The costume was made by a guy named Scott Crawford with a company called Alienated Products.

I first spotted a "Space Ghost and Friends" poster on a lamp-post outside the convention center. They were also posted outside the room where the panel was held. I was lucky enough to get one of the few that were left over, but Space Ghost's "friends" had some fun with his picture.

At the Space Ghost/Adult Swim panel they showed an episode of the highly anticipated new series, The Brak Show. I pointed my camcorder at the screen and got a so-so recording.

Click here for an image of Brak, his Family, and his pal Zorak.

Click here for a couple of short video clips (Real Media format).

During the panel they held a trivia contest and gave away CDs with music from the Adult Swim shows. Each CD was custom-decorated by one of the guys. I won the Dave Willis original by guessing that they interviewed Merrill Markoe again.

Everybody who attended got a cool Adult Swim tee-shirt. It was packaged to look like a roll of bandages that a lifeguard might carry.

(These are three shots of the same shirt so don't look for me on e-Bay.)

Here's a front and back view of the shirt design. I asked Andy to sign mine, so now it has "poop" on it.

After the panel, the voice behind Brak had a special message for the Renegade Chickens.

Click here for video    Click here for Windows audio only