The New Space Ghost Coast to Coast Episode

The episode involves a shark, a bear, and Willie Nelson. It seems that Space Ghost has made a business deal with a failing liquor chain run by an ornery little worm. Now the show is part of Kentucky Nightmare Talkshow Liquor Corporation.

We also see that SG has been making a nature documentary about sharks and bears. I guess that's what he's been doing for the last year instead of hosting his talk show. This episode has the distinction of using the phrase "sex organs." (Perhaps that's why they aired it so stealthily.) The documentary explains the great mystery of why sharks explode.

The writing on Willie's hat is backwards for most of the episode. Is it the hat or the image that's backwards? We'll probably never know.

The credits appear on an almost unreadable screen. Very light gray and flickering on a white background. The title is "Kentucky Nightmare." I was able to make out that the writers were Maiellero and Willis. Next, the Ghost Planet Industries screen appears (not William's Street). Finally, there is a brief image of a scull and crossed bones.

Here's a Screengrab from the Show

Here's the Clue that Appeared on the SG Super Site

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