Cartoon Chickens

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He's an engineer, I tell you! A giant engineer! Upside Dilbert Where Dilberts come from.

Dilbert has "The Egg Dream" in Dilbert on UPN.

The Chicken from Outer Space was featured in the pilot for Courage the Cowardly Dog on Cartoon Network.

Emily the Chicken was perhaps the first chicken star.
Her Merrie Melodies cartoons date from the 1930s.

Mr. Bingo croons on the radio.

Emily falls for Mr. Bingo.
Emily the Chicken was often led astray by celebrities in fancy cars.

Emily falls for a big Hollywood director.

Emily wants to be a great chicken star in Hollywood.

In the end she's safely back home with her true love.

More super sauce, Fred! Super Chicken: Greatest of all the chicken super heroes...or perhaps the only one. Somewhat controversial? Some thought that drinking his super sauce (the source of his super powers) from a martini glass might encourage the use of alcohol among young people. Super Chicken was part of the George of the Jungle show. At present it doesn't seem to be airing nationally.

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The Good, The Boo, and the Ugly     May the Boo be with you.      He's a chicken, I tell you, a giant chicken!
Boo: A Chicken for the People  He's a chicken, I tell you, a giant chicken! Boo appears periodically on that wacky and clever cartoon show The Animaniacs, airing on Cartoon Network.

He's up to no good, as usual. The Venerable Foghorn Leghorn   A favorite of the classic Looney Tunes.

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Chicken is the one on the right. Last of all, we can't forget Cow and Chicken, no matter how hard we try. Mom had a chicken, mom had a cow, the viewer had a headache--ow! But if you really want to, you can watch Cow & Chicken on the Cartoon Network.

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